It's a Long Story
On the Seer’s role and counterpart

Let’s work backwards, and construct a Hypothetical Active Seer Counterpart from the ground up. Something we ought to look at is what makes the Seer passive, yes? Well, there are a few options outlined by the bad doctor himself…

A Seer would not charge into the fray headlong but direct it as a conductor with a baton.

If Seers are content to direct others from the sidelines, perhaps a more combat-oriented focus is in order to compliment that, or at least something more hands-on than an advisory post.

She would have the sight to eschew the obvious gambits, and find the path to victory disguised cleverly as setback, or even imminent defeat.

Despite what Aradia later implied, this is more “strategy” than “tactics”. Strategy is about preparation, anticipation, and mitigating losses. Ought to dial that back, put more of a focus on the short-term.

She would behold the fortunes of friends and foes in totality, and appraise the contrivance of luck itself.

And now the thing that sticks out most to me. Do you see it? Good luck, because this quote doesn’t make any mention of it. For all their understanding, each of our Seers has one glaring blind spot right over his or her smug face. Rose blundered headlong down a grim, dark path. Terezi boxed herself into a corner pursuing Vriska. Kankri has no clue how not to alienate everyone around him. They spend so much time watching what their “friends and foes” are up to, they forget to mind their own footing. Now strike that; reverse it.

So to summarize our HASC, we have a player who must seek knowledge of his aspect from observations, informants, or even just gut intuition. He can’t reshape his aspect per se, can’t change its rules, but he can learn to follow the rules. Through his understanding he can chart a safe path for himself, and even find loopholes or other exploits to further his goals. A short-term thinker, he’s most concerned with the here and now, with confronting and surmounting the challenge before him, and thus is hesitant to concede any ground so long as he still lives to fight for it.

I may be mostly alone in claiming this doesn’t sound like Sollux, and I could write two whole other rants about why, but you know who it does sound like? It sounds like Dave. It sounds like a Knight.