It's a Long Story
MSPAPSA: I’ll invert your FACE!

The apparent trend of saying this player is “inverted” or that one “failed” is a blight upon the Homestuck fandom. There, I finally said it.

Point at Jade and Rose all you want, but the story dropped hints for them. To use an example I’ve seen recently, where do we see John being associated with Mage-specific themes and imagery like that? I’m not sure what would even constitute Mage-specific imagery. Just “magic” has been associated with two other classes and too many characters besides, and I wouldn’t even say Sollux is among all that. Same problem goes for Blood, just replace “magic” with “friendship”.

We shouldn’t be using this idea just to smooth over the holes where our assumptions don’t match up with our observations. Such a claim calls for its own evidence, its own case to be made, and it needs to be built on something more substantial than the same theory you’re invoking it to support or else you’re just ghosting a Waste of Breath.

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